About D&K Ranch


D & K  stands for Dave & Kelly. We are a family run ranch with five wonderful children. We also have had the privilege to house many foster children over the years. During your ride here you will also enjoy the company of interns from around the world.

Along with getting to know people and enjoying life, we also have the privilege of working with many wonderful horses. When you come to the Ranch you will also get to meet  Wranglers that will match you with a horse and treat you as part of the D&K family!

D&K Ranch is located in the middle of the Finger Lakes National Forest. This Forest is unique to the East due to the fact that it has grazing lands available similar to out West. We have 16,000 acres of National Forest trails to ride. In addition, there are 30 acres of wooded trails at D&K Ranch. 

Rides at D&K Ranch will be customized to your comfort level. We look forward to sharing our favorite pastime with you!

                                                                 - Let's Ride!

Phone: (607) 351-0794
E-mail: dkranchtrailriding@gmail.com
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