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About D&K Ranch


D & K  stands for Dave & Kelly. We are a family run ranch with five wonderful children. We also have had the privilege to house many foster children over the years. During your ride here you will also enjoy the company of interns from around the world.

Along with getting to know people and enjoying life, we also have the privilege of working with many wonderful horses. When you come to the Ranch you will also get to meet Wranglers that will match you with a horse and treat you as part of the D&K family!

D&K Ranch is located in the middle of the Finger Lakes National Forest. This Forest is unique to the East due to the fact that it has grazing lands available similar to out West. We have 16,000 acres of National Forest trails to ride. In addition, there are 30 acres of wooded trails at D&K Ranch. 

Rides at D&K Ranch will be customized to your comfort level. We look forward to sharing our favorite pastime with you!

                                                                 - Let's Ride!

What people have said about us

                        See you soon!

My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days at the D & K Ranch...everything about our stay there was more than we could have expected...the cabin was clean and comfortable, the horses we rode were matched up with us perfectly, our adventures were designed for us, our wrangler, Makalla was super, and the owner, Kelly made sure that we had everything we needed for our vacation to be one of the best ever! I'm already thinking about when I'll be returning...see you soon!


                        Can't Wait to return!

The memories my family and I cultivated during our (too short) stay will last a lifetime. My kids learned to feel very comfortable on horses and did multiple trail rides under the careful, knowledgeable, patient, and supportive guidance of Kelly and her crew.

The accommodations were best in class and every detail has been considered--simply awesome hospitality. We can't wait to return.


                  Smile from Ear to Ear!

Went with my boyfriend spur of the moment to get him some more experience on horses as I have my own but they are too green for his inexperience. The instructor was amazing! She paired him with a nice mellow gelding and helped him learn and become comfortable from the beginning. Being a more experienced rider myself; she allowed me to pick a horse of my choosing and we had a casual ride down a seasonal road and then through a pine forest. They had some cabins that where recently built that looked gorgeous with a nice view of the pasture yet privacy from one another between the pines and a huge bonfire pit. I would like to come back myself for a more advanced ride or overnight ride a long with bringing my boyfriend again for more experience on a horse he is comfortable with. It was the perfect balance for a beginner and a lifetime rider. I highly recommend this place regardless of experience level. Beautiful well taken care of horses, well knowledgeable team. My boyfriend was nervous to start as he has ridden only a few times and the instructor was so patient with him. By the middle of the ride he was nothing but all smiles. When we got back to camp I knew he had a great time, smile from ear to ear, a better confidence around horses and a memory that will last a lifetime. ❤️                   Amber

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