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November & December 2020

  • Stay in touch! Our Wranglers want to hear from you! Send a note on social media​

  • Stop in for Barn time

Welcome to D & K Barn Time!

We are excited to hear from you as we continue  training with 20 horses!

Each week throughout November & December

As our Ranch is closed . We will have Barn Time available to guests who have been here before!

Why and What will you do??

  •  Most Importantly -  To continue give you the "feel" of who we are and how we believe in horses

  • Grooming- this is a great way to spend time with your favorite horse

Grooming does a few things..

 Horses communicate with body language and during this process you will begin to do the same

During this process, you will begin to de stress, be in the moment,  un plug, begin to realize how you are feeling, tense, anxious, happy and find ways to communicate positive connections with your horse, this we believe. helps us in other areas of our life.

  • Round pen & other ground work- when you are comfortable with communicating during the grooming process, you can move to supervised round pen communication.  Without physically touching the horse you will communicate only through body movements on how you would like your horse to move. Each horse, as each person has different personalities and will react to your energy differently. Horses are always honest about what they would like and how they would like you to be their leader or partner...

  • For more info on this see our U Tube videos

 Many horses that come here start out with anxiety, insecurities, trust issues ect.. as our horses begin to see that they have freedom from fear in all areas, they become amazing partners that our guests can meet and bond with.

See more about our philosophy with horses on our philosophy page

  • Looking to volunteer or become a Wrangler, this is a great way to get to know horses and how to communicate effectively while staying safe

  • Keeping the Lights On! Hay, grain, insurance . As we all know to hunker down and keep bills to a minimal in the winter, check out our gift store or donate to your favorite horse

  • Lastly, Barn Time is free! however if you can donate below to the Wrangler-horse pair of your choice. any and all help will be very much appreciated!  See levels and rewards for donations below!


Monday     1:00 - 3:00    Barn Time     . 


Wednesday 1:00 - 3:00  Barn Time         

Thursday    10:00 -12;00 Barn Time

Friday        10:00 - 12:00 Barn Time



Sunday        10:00 - 12:00 Barn Time

Gift Certificate Levels 

                                                         Choose any amount & comment in note section

 These deals are available now until December 25th!

Green Ribbon         = $50 - $100 , young horse just learning, We will add $25 to your ride!

Red Ribbon             = $100 - $150 ,   Liable to kick.  you need your space! We will add $50 to your ride  

Blue Stripe Ribbon= $150 -$200,  Unpredictable Pony! We will add Brunch to your ride

Gold Sparkle          = $200 + Unicorn ribbon!  1 Free night stay We love Unicorns!

                                             Or just click on the donate button for donations to the Ranch

                                                        Stay tuned for live training sessions this winter

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