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Welcome to D & K Barn Time!

We are excited to hear from you as we continue spring training with 20 horses!

Each day we will have a different subject that you can check out through ZOOM!

Starting March 30th going to May 29th you can watch through zoom, This will be a live demo and class just for you! You can ask questions, make comments and be involved!

Each day you will need a class number to log in!!

Classes will be at 10 am each morning. See below!

Use this class number to log in from April 20TH - MAY 29TH 


As our Ranch is closed and all our Wranglers are not working, We all still have to feed our horses and keep the lights on! Each day a different group of Wranglers is featured from their own home.  See below to donate to their farm.  As you may or may not know.. Horses are expensive! If you liked what you saw or have suggestions on what you would like to see..please send a note or ask during the live session. We are putting these classes on for a few reasons: 

  1.  Most Importantly -  To give you the "feel" of who we are and how we believe in horses, 

  2. For all of you who have stayed with us and rode with us, you have seen our stories, shared in meeting new horses and helping them trust others. Continue to see upcoming stories!

  3. For those who do not yet know us, check us out, many horses that come here start out with anxiety, insecurities, trust issues ect.. as our horses begin to see that they have freedom from fear in all areas, they become amazing partners that our guests can meet and bond with.

  4. Keeping the Lights On! Hay, grain, insurance  the super fun spring bills are due. As we all know to hunker down and keep bills to a minimal in the winter, we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the spring as we open up for business! However this spring for our group of 4 and 2 legged helpers will be very trying!

  5. Lastly, the classes are free! however if you can donate below to the Wrangler-horse pair of your choice. any and all help will be very much appreciated!  See levels and rewards for donations below!

Monday's                         Mustang Monday               With Jolene & Gary

                           Meet  Jolene's Mustangs and watch live episodes as she works with them. 

Tuesday's                       Tack (fully) Tuesday              With Emma & Mikalla

                           A very important skill we ask of all our Wranglers! Know how to stay safe and what equipment is                             best for the job!

Wednesday's                  Why Wednesday                   With Jolene & Gary

                          Why do things happen on the trail? Join us on our Journey on the Trail!

Thursday's                       Thoughtful Thursday            With Jolene  & Gary

                           Horses are Therapeutic, Understand how balance and mindfulness is important to you and the                                 horse

Friday's                           Fun Friday                               

                            A great time to see a bit of fun on the trail or in the ring. 

Gift Certificate Levels 


                                                         Choose any amount & comment in note section

 Theses Deals will end when we open!

Green Ribbon         = $50 - $100 , young horse just learning, We will add $25 to your ride!

Red Ribbon             = $100 - $150 ,   Liable to kick.  you need your space! We will add $50 to your ride  

Blue Stripe Ribbon= $150 -$200,  Unpredictable Pony! We will add Brunch to your ride

Gold Sparkle          = $200 + Unicorn ribbon!  1 Free night stay We love Unicorns!

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April 20th - May 29th  

Week dAYS @ 10:00 am 

Meeting ID: 769 5071 6493
Password: 1uT6Yz

Phone: (607) 351-0794
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