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Pony cart check in.

Our ponies will pull a cart for your luggage to your cabin. This is only available by booking ahead  on your Cabin Booking page! 

Cabins are a 5 min walk from parking area. We recommend this for large luggage amounts.

If you are looking to ride day of check in then  this needs to be on your booking form! Otherwise we wont have staff available.

We do ask on your booking form that you briefly describe the riding experience you are looking for and a bit about you if you like. This will help our Wranglers find the best fir for you.

If you have not stayed with us before please Send a note with your ETA and someone can be available for check in. and show you around

Checking in after after 7:00 pm

It may be dark and cabins are a 5 min walk! A wrangler can greet you, however we start our days at 6 am so please be courteous with your arrival time!

We do have a self Ck in instructions posted in the first parking area..please follow these instructions or txt with questions.


Do not wander around the property if you arrive after dark! Please wait or follow self ck in  instructions or a Wrangler as other guests are here to vacation as well!

Cabin Check in

Riding & Safety information

 Before you  pet or approach horses, cats or chickens have a Wrangler show you appropriate ways to stay safe.

All riding is weather dependent and based on trail conditions. Wranglers have the right to cancel or reschedule any ride due to safety concerns.

Individualized Riding packages available

Check out Rides and Rates

Cabin guests choose their riding schedule daily based on weather and guest schedule. See Check in instructions

You can have a variety of riding experiences while here.


  • Take a lesson in the riding ring to help work with balance and riding with the horse, not just on the horse

  • Work in the round pen with a horse at liberty to become more familiar of how to communicate with your horse through body language and your energy


  • A great way to softly connect with your horse and begin to understand communication through your energy and body language

  • This is a great activity to help with comfort level before and after rides     


  • Ride with your Wrangler on our trail system. This is great for beginners to ride at a comfortable pace along with seasoned riders to practice what you  learned during your lessons   

  • Head out with your Wrangler to the advanced trails in the Finger Lakes National Forest for a scenic adventure.

  • Plan a Brunch ride or stop for a special occasion to enjoy the view.     


All riding is Extra - see rates and rides for pricing

***All Riders must weigh around 200 lbs or under for the type of horses we have



  • Coffee, tea provided

Bring your own breakfast​

  • We have a griddle & grill available for you to cook food you provide

Lunch  & Dinner​

  • Head out to local wineries for cheese and other light ideas

  • Enjoy a few of our favorite restaurants for a dinner out

Ask your Wrangler! We can recommend a few of our favorites!!!​


Have a cookout here! Enjoy time with your family!

  • We have a grill, a griddle and a bonfire area

  • Make this place your own and design a cookout,

Bring your own food and be your own chef 


If looking for a cook out meal provided please email us with dietary needs and we can see if we have staffing available



  • Drinking water, coffee, tea

  • French Press

  • Dishes, silverware, mugs & glasses

  • Pots, pans 

  • Paper towels, Lysol, soaps & sanitizers 

  • Refrigerator

  • Sink with hot water for dishes



  • Bedding & Linens

  • Soaps

  • Flash lights

Martha Cabins

  • Mini fridge

  • Queen, full & single bed

  • Loft

  • Electric space heaters

  • Electric 

  • Attached bathroom

  • Near main campfire area

Max & L B Cabins

  • Private bonfire area in the horse pasture

  • Lights and gas heat

  • No electric

  • Charging station by the bathhouse

  • Shared bathhouse

  • King and single beds

  • A bit more private

Shared Kitchen​

                          Available for all cabins

Add To Your Stay

Extra campers, family reunions, day gathers?
No Worries! Check in with us to see what is included

Prices may vary per activity.
Please inquire for more information.
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