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We have a few different programs available.

  • We work with residential treatment centers for teens

  • We provide services for people with disabilities to foster active learning, independence and making friends

  • We offer summer camps & summer camp activities for teens

  • We offer group bonding, leadership, and teamwork programs

  • We offer internships

  • We have volunteer programs

We will no longer have our evening group riding available, but we will have a volunteer program. Not only will you get riding time, you will also have the opportunity to learn from guided trail rides and large group activities. Any age  welcome.  Activities will include grooming, groundwork and light riding.


Contact Kelly to discuss program opportunities!

We focus our group work on making sure each rider is confident and comfortable with their horse. To develop competence in what you are asking of your horse we'll practice round pen work on the ground along with riding. Our horses are not only our friends, but our partners. When the horse is focused on you, you should be focused on them or there will be missed communication which can lead to frustration and defeats. Not only do we try to teach and train our horses but they teach and train us. They have amazing patience and ways of showing us our own emotions and how it affects the world.


The groups that we work with vary from school age kids attending lessons together to programs coming from different backgrounds. Groups typically last for an hour to an hour and a half and lasts for six week increments. We have other options that are not six weeks long but longer days. Individuals in groups are always welcome to schedule private lessons or trail rides to focus more on how they may improve. Six is the largest number of participants we allow for groups so everyone is included and can have a chance to be focused on and improve.

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