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Trail rides, Pilates and Wine tastings in the Finger Lakes

Is cabin fever taking a hold of you? Put an end to it by spending a long weekend in a real cabin at

D&K Ranch.

A well deserved treat and change of scenery after over a year of being stuck in your home-office. 

Join us for a the tranquil and active weekend at D&K Ranch in the Finger Lake region. Thursday June 10th through Sunday June 13th.

You will be exploring the Finger Lakes National Forest on horseback, enjoying Pilates sessions with a focus on ‘riding muscles’ and join a wine tasting with local wines.


Bring layers, proper shoes/boots and outerwear, a good attitude ( rain or shine we will be outside in nature for part of the day) and don’t forget some apples and carrots for the horses....


For more info on Pilates






Choose a cabin with your own pod or for yourself. You also have the option to share a cabin with another participant if both parties can provide proof of vaccination. In addition we offer rooms in the ranch house for those who like it a little less rustic.

For cabin info please click here.

Prices see below.


Meet and greet the horses while giving them a good brushing.

One trail ride a day on premises or in National Forest.

One Pilates class a day. Four zoom Pilates session prior to weekend not included in price.

One Wine tasting on premises at bonfire (weather permitting) or ranch house porch.

Other things to do on your own:

Walk in Finger Lakes National Forest. Cheese tasting. Explore the region with lakes and waterfalls. Meet new people. Read a book. Take a nap. Go for a swim (for the very hardy ones).


Food for all meals will be provided. However if you have special dietary needs we asked that you provide your own meals or supplement our menu.


We will adhere to well proven covid precautions. 

Covid test or proof of vaccination are required.

Masks will be worn inside the farmhouse unless ALL parties have been vaccinated.

We encourage frequent hand sanitizing and washing hands.


Pilates (Martina Nevermann, Pilates on Cortelyou)

I picked up riding horses again after a nearly 30 year hiatus. After having practiced and taught Pilates for over 15 years I realized how much my Pilates practice benefited my re-entry to horseback riding and gave me a new understanding on how to use my body in guiding and connecting with the horses.

I discovered D&K Ranch last summer when taking a ‘shutdown break’ with my adult kids and husband and fell in love with the ranch and Kelly’s wonderful approach with the horses she adopts and trains. 

Her and I decided to combine  and share our knowledge with other women while they would enjoy the beauty of the farm and the surrounding area.

One  goal is to learn which muscles are used when riding by doing some isolated Pilates exercises with props.

Four Zoom classes prior to weekend will be offered separately.

We will focus on strengthening, releasing and isolating muscles that get utilized while riding.

Another focus will be on helping us to keep good posture  on and off the horse (use your core! we need it for everything we do in life!). Through this focus we will be able to easier connect in a relaxing way with the horses once in the saddle.

In Pilates I like to emphasize on strengthening, stretching and aligning. We will focus on how to isolate certain muscle groups to then integrate those exercises back into a wholesome body movement.

The work we will be doing will benefit you on a horse as well as in your everyday life.


Horses, Rides, the Ranch ( Kelly Paonessa, D&K Ranch)

Peace & Self Discovery through Horsemanship

My goal in creating this business is to empower others to see the positive side of themselves. 

Who works here?: 

The Ranch is run by myself, my daughter and my husband who works full time with Seneca County and there are no days off!  We have welcomed Gary, our new Ranch Manager, this year.


Horses are not usually kept by one owner throughout their lifetime. They are bought and sold often. I find horses to be very emotional creatures that live in the moment and are very resilient and looking to be part of a social group. 

Horses come here with a variety of learned habits that helped them get through life. Some of the learned habits are anxiety, over eating, not eating and some defensive techniques they have learned to keep themselves safe.  As horses begin to feel comfortable and safe here, similar to Foster Children they begin to be more trusting and look to people and horse friends to be partners.

 Put it all together:

This is where the inspiration and joy for clients takes place. As clients begin to understand the horse can behave as a direct result of the clients nonverbal cues. This can teach people to have a deeper understand of why they feel and react to different stimuli and how our mindset plays a major role in communication.

Our hope is that D & K Ranch can not only be enjoyable for folks but that you will also leave here ready for the next life adventure


Price range:

$850-$1200, depending on cabin/room occupancy .That includes food, rides and on site Pilates.

Four Zoom Pilates classes prior to trip are not included.

For more info Email Kelly at

or check in with Martina at

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